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Landex Group Ltd Real Estate Services

Landex Property offers consulting services as a client’s real estate portfolio manager. When engaged as a client’s real estate portfolio manager, Landex’s initial focus is on developing a real estate portfolio strategy that would, in the most financial return maximizing manner, leverage a client’s equity (cash investment) to generate significant returns on cash invested.

Property Management

Landex maintains a permanent management team that manages the properties that are held in our portfolio. Moreover, Landex manages the construction and markets properties developed by our clients and negotiates the most favorable sales and purchase prices on real estate. Consequently, we are able to better control the costs and quality of execution of projects.

Property Valuation

The Valuation Department handles valuation of all types of fixed and moveable properties including, Land, Buildings, Plant, Machinery, Mobile Plant, Furniture, Laboratory/Office Equipment and Stock among others.

Facility Management

We undertake feasibility studies for our customers and advise on the viability of proposed commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Acquisition and Sales

In addition to property management Landex also actively pursues the acquisition of undervalued properties on behalf of our clients by leveraging our extensive knowledge of urban development, as well as our proprietary analytical systems.

General Contracting

We do this for small to large scale development projects. We use our understanding of the real estate market in order to develop real estate portfolios for its investor partners that generate positive cash flow through both holding properties for rental revenue and making short term property purchases for returns on immediate use.

Cost Effectiveness

We are able to control cost and provide quality executions of our projects by keeping operating expenses low. We maintain a small permanent management team that manages the properties we hold, the construction on the properties we have been contracted to sale and negotiates the most favorable sales and purchase prices on real estate.

Property Maintenance and Improvements

We hire contractors to perform all necessary property maintenance and make recommendations to clients on making improvements to the properties when we feel doing so will enable them to raise their rents and increase the return on their investment.

Property Management Fees

Our fees are based on a percentage of a client’s gross rent roll or sales and are based on the scales as determined by the Real Estate Agents Act. We are however very flexible on the rates and this can be negotiated with you to determine the best rate that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Basing our fees on rent collected ensures you do not have to pay a fee based on rent that is not even received as you might with other property managers that charge based on gross rent roll that may or may not be collected each month.